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While going to a big city coffee shop like Starbucks or Costa may be appealing for many reasons, there are other options out there. Some of the advantages of supporting big-city coffee shops like Starbucks is the fact that they are modeled after Italian coffee shops. Starbucks also offers a combination of 87,000 drinks. There are approximately 22,000 Starbucks branches in various locations around the world, and the company still plans on having a branch in every single country around the world. So thanks to their extensive menu and great customer service Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee houses worldwide. However, farm shop cafés seem to be growing in popularity and here are a few reasons why.

The Alternatives

farm shops are not only a great way to buy fresh produce and organic food from but are also a great way to get the nutrition that you and your family deserve. The fresh produce, meat, and dairy products from farm shops are of higher quality and obviously fresher than what you would find at your local supermarket. So if you're looking for groceries and especially fresh produce and dairy products as well as meats that are as fresh as possible, then you need to buy from farm shops.

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Another great reason to support farm shops is that you will find items on sale that you wouldn't ordinarily find in your local supermarket. Freshly made jams that come in a variety of different flavors, freshly made snacks, salads and soup mixes are available from farm shops. These items are not usually found in your local supermarkets and are considered custom-made delicacies. So if there is something that you are looking for or if you've never tried out these items from a farm shop before, now be a good time to start.

Farm shops are also a great way to keep the family entertained or simply have a family day out. It's always good to take a break from the city every now and again, and this change will be refreshing not to mention unique for the kids. Farm shops almost always have their own café, and this means that you get to order freshly made coffee as well as a range of other items of the menu. A typical farm shop menu would include freshly prepared meals, desserts, soups, salads, snacks not to mention delicious drinks to go with them. So if you're looking for a menu made from the freshest items possible, you would definitely find it at a farm shop.

Need More Reasons?

Aside from the fantastic menu, most farm shops have a park that kids can play in or are usually situated in a field that has a few animals. You may also have the option to purchase food to feed these animals. This gives the kids a great up close and personal experience with animals, and this is something that kids in the city is rarely get to do. Another reason why farm shops should be supported is that they really do need the business which the big-city coffee shops get most of the time since they are located in the city. However, farm shops have a unique experience to offer people, so why not head out to one as soon as you have the opportunity.